eLearning Focus Groups

eLearning Focus Groups

Date and Location:

  • September 12 from 9am to 2pm in Poplar Bluff (at the First Baptist Church, 551 North Westwood Boulevard, Poplar Bluff, MO)
  • September 15 in Nevada (Nevada Habilitation Center, 2323 N. Ash St., Nevada, MO)
  • September 16 in Kansas City (Kansas City Regional Office, 821 E Admiral, Kansas City, MO)
  • September 22 in Columbia (Columbia Regional Office, 1500 Vandiver Drive, Columbia, MO)
  • September 24 in Kirksville (Kirksville Regional Office, 1702 E. LaHarpe St, Kirksville, MO)
  • September 26 in St. Louis (Metro St Louis Psychiatric Center���, 5351 Delmar Blvd, St Louis, MO)
  • All programs run from 10 am to 3 pm unless otherwise noted.

    Program Description:

    We need to identify a global list of training needs. We need the people who can help us brainstorm a list of those needs. We need to know who (particularly within DMH) can serve as Subject Matter Experts to help fill those needs.Nothing is off the table at this point. Even if someone comes with a topic that covers a specific discipline at a specific facility, we want to note that. From these discussions, patterns will emerge which will focus our development efforts.Who should be there? As stated, we would like as diverse a chorus of voices as we can assemble. Administrators, Investigators, IT staff, Service Coordinators, Team Leaders, Front-line staff, Contract staff, Directors of Nursing, Directors of Psychology-all are welcome. We truly want a variety of input.

    Conference Actions: