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Consumer Operated Service Program (COSP)

Consumer Operated Service Program (COSP) – Dr. Jean Campbell, Debra Cobb, John Luckett, Lisa Martin, Mickie McDowell and Dan Segal. Consumer-operated services programs (COSPS) are peer-run service programs that are administratively controlled and operated by mental health consumers and emphasize self-help as their operational approach.  This webinar will give you a quick overview of the Drop-In…
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My Journey To and Through Recovery

My Journey To and Through Recovery – LuAnn Reese This webinar is a personal story of Recovery. LuAnn talks about the ups and downs of her own struggles and raising a son, Spenser Reese, with his struggles. It is a brave story of success for LuAnn and Spenser. The determination she discusses is part of her…
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Working with Interpreters

Working with Interpreters – Elijah Buchholz This webinar will teach viewers how to effectively work with an interpreter in a mental health setting and is geared towards sign language interpreters/Deaf consumers; however the tips can be used for foreign language situations as well. Included are general tips as well as what to do before the session,…
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Understanding Public Health

Understanding Public Health – Valarie Seyfert, RN MSN and Sheri Williams, RN MSN This webinar will give an introductory overview of public health in Missouri. The presentation will also include an explanation of the public health approach and address how this approach can be used to benefit local system of care teams and your community at…
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Moving to a Recovery Orientation

Moving to a Recovery Orientation – Mark Shields What is a Recovery Oriented or Recovery Management model, and how does the approach differ from more traditional Acute Care?

A Taste of Mental Health First Aid

A Taste of Mental Health First Aid – Jermine Alberty and Rita McElhany Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a Mental Health First Aid Class? MHFA-USA National trainer, Jermine Alberty offers a brief “Taste Of Mental Health First Aid.”

An Overview of Evidence-Based Supported Employment

An Overview of Evidence-Based Supported Employment – Mickie McDowell and Tish Thomas Evidence-Based Supported Employment, called IPS Individual Placement and Support, is supported by both Department of Mental Health – Division Behavioral Health and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education-Vocational Rehabilitation. This presentation will provide an overview of the 8 principles of IPS, how to implement…
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Introduction to Trauma

Introduction to Trauma – Dr. Patsy Carter Research has revealed that the prevalence of trauma is high particularly in specific target populations. This webinar will introduce viewers to the definition and prevalence of trauma, as well as examining the social, biological and health impact.

Key Issues in Developing Supported Housing

Key Issues in Developing Supported Housing – Francie Broderick The presentation will provide a broad overview of the process of deciding whether and how an agency should proceed in the development of permanent supported housing. The presentation walks through the steps, decisions points, and the options available to agencies in creating housing. There is a…
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